The Weight Loss Plan

I have come up with a three legged plan to lose my weight. One leg is still under consideration but i will explain each portion and a little about it. Please keep in mind that this is a GENERAL PLAN and will only be the high level overview of what will be going on. I am posting it in this way because this blog is meant to log the evolution of my progress and as details about each item surface I will address them with blog posts.

This is my three item agenda:

1.  Join Weight Watchers

  • Why Weight Watchers?

    From my research and experience i feel that of all options for changes in food consumption Weight Watchers is the BEST bet. Weight Watchers is not a fad diet, it is actually a life style change. Their “Core” system is basically set on eating essential foods like whole grains, lean meat, veggies, etc…. NOT Taco Bell everyday like I am currently used to 🙂 . Basically food you have to cook, and healthy food at that.

    Additionally, I am an unmarried 23 year old male. It is time i learn how to cook for myself and i feel that the giant base of recipies and food tips Weight Watchers offers can help put me on the right food to cooking it up pro style and keeping it healthy at the same time.

    Finally, my extremely hot girlfriend of 3+ years previously has worked at Weight Watchers and backs their plans up 100%… AND she would kill me if i didn’t! 🙂

2.  Create and Execute an Exercise Plan

  • What is this plan all about?

    I flat out just need to get in shape. I have seen a lot of people lose a lot of weight but just over all become flabby. An exercise plan will also help me lose more weight faster as muscle burns more calories than fat. The more muscle I build the more calories my body will burn while I am idle or at work.Of course in addition to the over all health benefits being fit brings, the cosmetic aspect of building a nice body will be a huge plus.

  • What will the plan include?

    I am going to try and combine weight training with cardio and possibly even HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). As I get into this more I will blog out exactly what I am doing, but right now aside from the 2 items iI just mentioned, it is all up in the air. There are a lot of cool ways to get in shape, for example I currently have been training in Tae Kwon Do for around 1 year. I may consider training in additional forms as my mobility increases from weight loss.

  • The workout.

    I will be creating my workout plan based on 1 or more plans i found in’s workout database. There are some really great plans in there and based on what i have seen so far, I will have the ability to plan the work out around my schedule. Hopefully I can fit in 3 or more days per week of gym time.

3.  Thermogenics and/or Supplements

  • Supple-what?

    This is the leg under consideration.  I probably going to be supplementing the exercise and dieting with a themermogenic and possibly something to help build muscle.  For a thermogenic I am considering a product named XFB Xtreme Fat Burner created by Xyience.  This may change based on research I will do in the future but you get the idea.  As far as a bulk up aid, NitroJet from Black Star Labs has always been a great product.  I have used this before and it works great.

That is really about it.  Sounds EASY!  Ha, Yeah Right. 🙂  This is my base line plan.  Of course things may change and I might have to tweak things but those kinds of updates will be included via blogs and of course I will include ALL details of my eating, exercise and mental habits.

Thanks for reading this.

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