General Update Info

icon for infoAs an update into what has been going on with it is clear that well… not a whole lot is going on at this point and that is because with Mothers Day, work, my personal work, AND getting ready to sell my home… im just pretty busy. I am trying to change that though. I am working to make updating fatzz with at LEAST the food journal just a normal part of daily routine… just like checking email. On the other hand i do have some good news…

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Just Went on Vacation

Just as a side note, i was on vacation for the past few days that do not have any updates.  During this little break from the daily grind i can safely say that i did NOT eat well, lol.  We are talking fried prawns, cake, carmel apples with white chocolate, and other stuff that makes your heart pump sludge.

The way i look @ it though… its a vacation!  So i had a good time, but now im back on track.  Now… im off to do some yoga 🙂

Yet Another Yoga Post

Yoga dude as an iconSo i said i had a bit more to mention about yoga in another post i made today so this is the continuation.  So far i have started to really enjoy Yoga and i look forward to it in the morning.  Some days i am late for work because i feel it is important to take the time to relax and recenter.  Plus the cool thing is that you dont have to bust your ass and sit on your head to take advantage of the flows.  All can be modified to basically do what your body can do.

I said in the other post today that i have been noticing the changes in my body not during a yoga flows but while i am doing things that are totally unrelated.  Example — walking the dog and looking behind me.  This was pretty crazy but i looked behind myself about 1.5 weeks into the yoga and realized my head had a way bigger range of motion.  I could actually turn my head back more.  Yeah, i know it probably sounds stupid but Continue reading Yet Another Yoga Post

Pushing Back the Workout Schedule

buff mouse lifting weightsThe workout schedule has to be pushed back because unfortunately I will be gone for about 3-4 days.  I am making a journey down to Southern California and i hope to be back around Saturday or Sunday.  If i can get back sat-sunday i will begin the workout but otherwise it will have to start next week.

So basically the mouse i used for an icon can probably bench more than me at this point. LoL.

On another note, I have been keeping up with the yoga pretty well and i am pushing about 30 min sessions per day on average and wow it is really amazing how much flexibility i have gained.  You know, the crazy part is Continue reading Pushing Back the Workout Schedule