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I’m Back!

Well I’m back and I’m fatter than ever! lol

Starting weight on June 6, 2007 = 254lbs.
I joined weight watchers on Monday and so far im pretty happy with it.  On Monday i went to a meeting and it was seriously depressing…. lots of old fat women and a seriously funky smell… I joined the WW online setup they have which does not require going to meetings and like i said before… its actually pretty cool.

Pushing Back the Workout Schedule

buff mouse lifting weightsThe workout schedule has to be pushed back because unfortunately I will be gone for about 3-4 days.  I am making a journey down to Southern California and i hope to be back around Saturday or Sunday.  If i can get back sat-sunday i will begin the workout but otherwise it will have to start next week.

So basically the mouse i used for an icon can probably bench more than me at this point. LoL.

On another note, I have been keeping up with the yoga pretty well and i am pushing about 30 min sessions per day on average and wow it is really amazing how much flexibility i have gained.  You know, the crazy part is Continue reading Pushing Back the Workout Schedule

Got My Xyience XFB

xyience xfb Lets see… about 1 week ago i bought a bottle of Xyience Xtreme Fat Burner. I got a great deal on it actually as i bought it off eBay for like $18 bucks. The bottle was all sealed up and unopened in the original box so i am confident that its ok.

FYI, this Xyience purchase parallel’s the third item in my weight loss plan and i am planning on starting to take it regularly once i begin working out.

Continue reading Got My Xyience XFB

The Weight Loss Pictures

little camera iconAs i mentioned before i want to have picture updates. I would have liked to start this the DAY i started this blog but i couldn’t find the battery to my digital camera. Well i found it burried under some boxes in my car’s trunk so i SHOULD have a starting pic up today with my current body weight, body fat % and front/side profile pics.

I am also trying to get this graphing plugin for wordpress setup so i can kind of chart the weight progress along but that may be a little too detailed. lol

Found a Workout

workout iconAfter searching around the net for workouts, I think I found on that will suit me nicely. As I mentioned in my makeshift weight loss plan, I was going to try and find a workout routine that I can fit around my work/life schedule. This plan works out nicely because it is only 3 days a week. I already do Tae Kwon Do one day out of the week so I figure about 4 days a week of working out should do the trick. This entry contains the specs of the workout routine… Continue reading Found a Workout