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For posts that don’t fit in any other category. This is basically opinions, updates without factual data, and other general information.

Stomach Shrinkage

I found an interesting blog post on CathyM’s weight loss blog.  Be sure to check her post because she covers a question I’ve been wondering about for quite some time:

Does your stomach shrink if you eat less?

This is something of interest to me as i have lost a bit of weight and I’ve really noticed that i can’t keep up with the big dogs anymore. 🙂  Yesterday I went to a buffet with 30 people and had a plate of salad, a plate of 6 sushi rolls, and a plate of fruit… yes this sounds like a lot as it is (18.5 points baby!) but normally i would just be getting started… a few stretches later and I would be ready to handle some Serious food.

Fortunately yesterday i was Stuffed and couldn’t handle any more :).

Going For a Run

runner imageRecently i have either been walking a mile or 2 every night or running about 1 mile. I have not done serious running in a long time so it is somewhat interesting to see how the changes during these begining stages take place. I’m not talking about changing in my stamina or something like that… I’m more talking about 250 pounds of McGee slamming down on my knees with every stride. It is also very interesting to see how my body feels different, on Continue reading Going For a Run

It’s Been a While…

i need to update more!… but im still Fat!! lol. and OOPS is for not updating in 3993292359230 years.  So what basically happened is that i got caught up with work, my biz, home repairs then a refinance, etc etc and after a few times of “not giving a shit” about what i ate i think it put me on a stretch of just not caring about what i ate.  This blog is about weight loss, eating healthy, blah blah blah… and i was not doing any of that.
One shitty thing about a blog is that i think an author can get blogger-guilt or something when you do not update.  And its a vicious cycle @ that…. You dont update, then u feel bad for not updating… then you dont update because you feel bad about it… then that makes u feel worse… then you goto taco bell and everything is all good. lol

Anyways more will be said soon enough!

General Update Info

icon for infoAs an update into what has been going on with it is clear that well… not a whole lot is going on at this point and that is because with Mothers Day, work, my personal work, AND getting ready to sell my home… im just pretty busy. I am trying to change that though. I am working to make updating fatzz with at LEAST the food journal just a normal part of daily routine… just like checking email. On the other hand i do have some good news…

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Just Went on Vacation

Just as a side note, i was on vacation for the past few days that do not have any updates.  During this little break from the daily grind i can safely say that i did NOT eat well, lol.  We are talking fried prawns, cake, carmel apples with white chocolate, and other stuff that makes your heart pump sludge.

The way i look @ it though… its a vacation!  So i had a good time, but now im back on track.  Now… im off to do some yoga 🙂

Got My Xyience XFB

xyience xfb Lets see… about 1 week ago i bought a bottle of Xyience Xtreme Fat Burner. I got a great deal on it actually as i bought it off eBay for like $18 bucks. The bottle was all sealed up and unopened in the original box so i am confident that its ok.

FYI, this Xyience purchase parallel’s the third item in my weight loss plan and i am planning on starting to take it regularly once i begin working out.

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Metabolism Told by Your Fingernail?

finger nail imageThe other day i learned something really cool — you can judge how fast your metabolism is by the size of your lunula. The lunula is the cresent shaped white spot on the base of your fingernail. Some people have BIG ones, and some people can barely even seen their lunula. It has been noted that a small lunula may indicate a low metabolism while a large lunula can indicate an active metabolism.

Pretty cool, eh? FYI, my lunulae are friggin huge and I have always wondering how i have managed to eat like 4 doughnuts, taco bell twice a day, ben and jerry’s cups to the head… without getting super mega fat.

What’s the Latest? I’m Sick.

sad faceWell i was hoping to get things going and be on track by last Monday but that did not happen. I got the flu or something on Friday and wow i was SICK. Today is now Friday and i feel like semi-crap which means i have been sick for 7 days. Normally i am sick for around maybe 2-3 days max. This is crazy though.