[Food Log] Semi-Good Day

My gf came to visit me @ work and we ended up going out to eat @ a resturant that had a pretty damn greasy hashbrown in the meal i ate. I can’t say im happy about that, i can say it was good lol. Check out the Lunch area if you want to see what was actually in the meal. Continue reading [Food Log] Semi-Good Day

[Food Log] Day 1 Again?

Today was an “ok” day and i say that not really because of the quality of food i ate, but more on the amount. So i realize the actual FOOD isnt healthy. I think i had 2 meals total and since thats not much I am going to use this as a starting day to get back on track. Continue reading [Food Log] Day 1 Again?

[Food Log] Must… Have… Prooootein :)

I have muscles that are STILL sore from a workout i did on Sunday! Trying to eat high protein today.
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[Food Log] Eating Better Again

Back to basic goodness.
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[Food Log] Accountability

My GF asked me why i had not blogged recently and i told her it was because i have been really screwing up lately… she told me i have to be accountable for what i eat, so here it is. This is after going to a party with tons of food and drinks… and pretty much eating like a fatty all day long.
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[Food Log] Food for a Guy in a Hurry

Day of doubles. Pretty much ate the same thing i had for breakfast and lunch as dinner and a snack. It really sucks being so busy all you have time for is like Mc Donalds and that is Always a bad idea so rather than eat that crap… i opted to double up on stuff i already made.
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[Food Log] The Deliciousness of Sushi

Pretty balanced meal today, i have to admit im proud of myself 🙂
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[Food Log] Today’s Menu IS……

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[Food Log] Another Tri-Tip Night

Tri-Tiping it again!
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[Food Log] Best Dinner I’ve EVER Made

All i can say is check out the dinner… damn it was awesome
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