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First Week = -4.7 pounds

Pretty sweet if you ask me :). I’m down about 4.7 pounds after my first week. Monday will be my second week using weight watchers and i’m pretty happy with the program so far. I have to say the stuff i have been eating lately is pretty good, it’s just a change from what i was used to. The Weight Watchers plan im doing is “flex points”…. based on my height, sex, weight and age weight watchers says i should eat 40 points which is actually a TON.

Well let me say it like this… if you eat healthy foods 40 points is a TON…. if you eat crap, its not much. The reason for this is that to determine a point value WW uses the calories, fat and fiber contents of whatever you’re eating. Fiber content really reduces points and obviously FAT increases point values significantly. While a pat of butter is high in points, so is 2 cups (!) of this delicious soup. If you look @ the contents of that soup you can see its mainly veggies and chicken… both fill you up BIG time. Which one would u rather eat? lol

Yeah i know people don’t eat STRAIGHT butter, but the point is the better the food is the more it fills you up and “economic value” of points to energy is much better.

Recipe: Hearty Jalapeno-Chicken Stew

This is a recipe I snatched off the Weight Watchers site. I have made this twice now and it’s effing great! I have fed it to 5 different people and ALL of them loved it.

Here are a few changes i suggest though:

  • Double the carrots
  • Double the green beans
  • Use some olive oil to cook the chicken… then use some more when cooking the onions, carrots and chicken together
  • Cayenne pepper it!!
  • Salt it! Even better, use garlic salt
  • Leave out the cilantro… IMO cilantro tastes like Crap.

OK here is the recipe:

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I’m Back!

Well I’m back and I’m fatter than ever! lol

Starting weight on June 6, 2007 = 254lbs.
I joined weight watchers on Monday and so far im pretty happy with it.  On Monday i went to a meeting and it was seriously depressing…. lots of old fat women and a seriously funky smell… I joined the WW online setup they have which does not require going to meetings and like i said before… its actually pretty cool.

Journaling Food & Diet

Journaling food iconOne thing that I find really hard about Weight Watchers is that you have to journal your food and what you eat. Many times my girlfriend who is a former Weight Watcher employee has mentioned that journaling is extremely important… EVEN if you are slacking off it is still important to log what you eat.

My personal opinion on the journaling is that it sucks. I hate writing lol. BUT i think that by journaling it keeps you structured and even if you pig out and eat 30 doughnuts in one day the structure part pulls you back the NEXT day and gets you back on track. I think sometimes people will binge or screw up one day, then the next day Continue reading Journaling Food & Diet