Going For a Run

runner imageRecently i have either been walking a mile or 2 every night or running about 1 mile. I have not done serious running in a long time so it is somewhat interesting to see how the changes during these begining stages take place. I’m not talking about changing in my stamina or something like that… I’m more talking about 250 pounds of McGee slamming down on my knees with every stride. It is also very interesting to see how my body feels different, on different days/nights.

For example last night i went for a run at around midnight and i was tired from the day but i felt like i needed to take a jog. So i walked over to the track (about 4-5 blocks away), walked a lap, and built up to running. During the first lap of actual running i felt like i was hurting my knees so i went back to walking. A few min later started running again only to find my knees felt totally fine. I did some serious running but had to stop due to asthma kicking in.

On days i run where i have lots of coffee, you would think I’m some kind of African Olympic running. Stamina is UP, ability to take in air is way up and i think it feels better. Only bad part is that since the caffeine makes your metabolism speed up I have noticed that it makes me much hotter when running.


I found a cool little write up today on someone’s blog today. The blog is called Bring It On and the post was titled Fat Girl Running (lol). Basically she says how she feels after running. I think the way she wrote it sounds really good!

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