[Food Log] Day 1 Again?

Today was an “ok” day and i say that not really because of the quality of food i ate, but more on the amount. So i realize the actual FOOD isnt healthy. I think i had 2 meals total and since thats not much I am going to use this as a starting day to get back on track.

  • Two cups of coffee with cream and sugar
  • 1 monster
  • At least 1 liter of water
  • 3 ice teas


  • “Bacado Omlette” bacon, avocado with sour cream and cheeeese.
  • Pumpkin pancake. I know that sounds nasty but that pumpkin pancake was Really good! 🙂


  • Nothing.


  • The monster i listed under fluids.
  • Cinnamon toast with natural peanut butter on it (100% crushed peanuts, no crazy oils and stuff mixed in).


  • Grilled salmon that had a light teriyaki/miso sauce on it. REALLY GOOD.
  • White rice
  • Veggie stir fry

One thought on “[Food Log] Day 1 Again?”

  1. I recently started a weight loss journey. Goal is -100 and after 2 weeks I have lost 8. Thanksgiving is around the corner and it has me worried.

    As far as exercise, I am just walking right now, but that is a lot for me.

    Good Luck

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