It’s Been a While…

i need to update more!… but im still Fat!! lol. and OOPS is for not updating in 3993292359230 years.  So what basically happened is that i got caught up with work, my biz, home repairs then a refinance, etc etc and after a few times of “not giving a shit” about what i ate i think it put me on a stretch of just not caring about what i ate.  This blog is about weight loss, eating healthy, blah blah blah… and i was not doing any of that.
One shitty thing about a blog is that i think an author can get blogger-guilt or something when you do not update.  And its a vicious cycle @ that…. You dont update, then u feel bad for not updating… then you dont update because you feel bad about it… then that makes u feel worse… then you goto taco bell and everything is all good. lol

Anyways more will be said soon enough!