General Update Info

icon for infoAs an update into what has been going on with it is clear that well… not a whole lot is going on at this point and that is because with Mothers Day, work, my personal work, AND getting ready to sell my home… im just pretty busy. I am trying to change that though. I am working to make updating fatzz with at LEAST the food journal just a normal part of daily routine… just like checking email. On the other hand i do have some good news…

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Just Went on Vacation

Just as a side note, i was on vacation for the past few days that do not have any updates.  During this little break from the daily grind i can safely say that i did NOT eat well, lol.  We are talking fried prawns, cake, carmel apples with white chocolate, and other stuff that makes your heart pump sludge.

The way i look @ it though… its a vacation!  So i had a good time, but now im back on track.  Now… im off to do some yoga 🙂