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Yoga dude as an iconSo i said i had a bit more to mention about yoga in another post i made today so this is the continuation.  So far i have started to really enjoy Yoga and i look forward to it in the morning.  Some days i am late for work because i feel it is important to take the time to relax and recenter.  Plus the cool thing is that you dont have to bust your ass and sit on your head to take advantage of the flows.  All can be modified to basically do what your body can do.

I said in the other post today that i have been noticing the changes in my body not during a yoga flows but while i am doing things that are totally unrelated.  Example — walking the dog and looking behind me.  This was pretty crazy but i looked behind myself about 1.5 weeks into the yoga and realized my head had a way bigger range of motion.  I could actually turn my head back more.  Yeah, i know it probably sounds stupid but my work/life style basically has 1 range of motion and that is look forward @ a computer screen, lol.  Gaining neck mobility is pretty damn sweet.  There are lots of other things such as while just walking i feel as though stability in my legs and feet has increased dramatically.  Only way i can explain it is as if each step roots into the earth just a tiiiiny bit, rather than on top of it.

This is the greatest benefit of all; i have had TMJ for who knows how long.  TMJ is short for temporomandibular disorder and basically is like chronic pain in your jaw.  Some people get headaches from it, some people can’t even eat.  I was never anywhere close to that, but i had a slight bit of tension/pain in there, especially on my left jaw joint.  Now its like non-existant.  I mean literally gone… as i type this i am trying to tweak my neck and jaw around to see if i can feel it and there is no discomfort.

Last of all, as i mentioned my life style is very computized and this takes it toll on the back.  Days when i skip yoga my back aches.  Days when i DO the yoga.. it feels fine.  There are a lot of core exercises in some of the flows that are effortless but when i do them its CLEAR that those movements are undoing the knots in my back and targeting the specific area of pain.  This picture i have below shows “bridge pose”, and that one specifically has REALLY opened up my lower back.  It looks tough i guess but it is very easy and if you cannot do the full motion, try doing just a half or less.

The Yoga Bridge Pose
Illustration of Bridge Pose

All in all, i am Really happy with my decision to give yoga a shot.

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  1. Congratulations! You are on a right way to a healthy body! I%u2019ve been practicing yoga for 4 years already, and I bet there is nothing more useful for my body. It%u2019s not a stressful kind of sport, you don%u2019t have to jump till your heart stops, don%u2019t have to do heavy lifts till you fall down squashed. All you do is learn to control your body. Day by day, you do as much as you can. At first you feel upset you can%u2019t do this or that asana, but then%u2026 one beautiful day UNEXPECTEDELY you do it and realize that only later. And you feel the best emotions! I%u2019ve been watching people attending our yoga classes. Some people come because of a disease, some to become stronger, some to lose weight. It%u2019s hard to say if yoga is equally helpful to all people in this respect, but I can say, that I do lose weight if I had a break and then start my classes again. Ok, some times I am lazy, but do you know what the best stimulus is for me apart from the feeling of a strong body? Some ladies in their 50th who attend our classes regularly and show the results your people could envy. When I remember about them, I realize everything is possible, especially to keep your body strong, stretched and well shaped as long as you wish. Good luck to you!

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