Metabolism Told by Your Fingernail?

finger nail imageThe other day i learned something really cool — you can judge how fast your metabolism is by the size of your lunula. The lunula is the cresent shaped white spot on the base of your fingernail. Some people have BIG ones, and some people can barely even seen their lunula. It has been noted that a small lunula may indicate a low metabolism while a large lunula can indicate an active metabolism.

Pretty cool, eh? FYI, my lunulae are friggin huge and I have always wondering how i have managed to eat like 4 doughnuts, taco bell twice a day, ben and jerry’s cups to the head… without getting super mega fat.

3 thoughts on “Metabolism Told by Your Fingernail?”

  1. Is there a particular finger this is supposed to be associated with? I’ve got a nice big lunula on my thumbs but it is non-existant on my middle ring and pinkie fingers.

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