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Yoga originated in India thousands of years ago with classical techniques dating back more than 5,000 years. It is a science that systematically creates harmony of the entire body, mind and spirit. “Yoga” comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, thus meaning to yoke or to unite. The practice of yoga brings union between one’s consciousness and the universal consciousness. Yoga combines physical movements with breathing and meditation techniques to bring forward physiological and psychological Health Benefits. Yoga provides improved health and longevity, as well as creates a heightened level of self-understanding and awareness.

The yoga poses were designed to revitalize and bring balance to the musculoskeletal and glandular systems. The breathing techniques (pranayama) are based on the concept that breath is the source of life and energy (prana) in the body. The integration of yoga poses and breathing techniques helps one attain a steady, quiet mind and a strong, open body. The yoga poses and breathing techniques are also vital for preparing the body and mind for periods of meditation. The combination of yoga poses, breathing, and meditation makes one more readily able to free oneself from daily pressures and stresses. Yoga is a life-long practice that focuses not on goals and achievements, but rather on experiencing a journey towards inner peace and freedom.

I feel this line holds great value:

The yoga poses were designed to revitalize and bring balance to the musculoskeletal and glandular systems.

I consider myself to be pretty out of shape at this point so I am feeling that busting out with some Yoga and core exercises will help align my muscles and bones a bit before I start seriously working out. My main concern is that i have spent a LOT of time behind a computer screen and this takes a toll on the body. I can feel that my back is a little squirrelly, and core muscles such as thighs, abdominals, etc are weak. This of course causes other muscles that rely on the support of larger more ‘forceful’ muslces to compensate for the dysfunction.

I think it is possible to actually make a dysfunction STRONGER by working out when you are not fit to be working out. What i mean is say you have a muscle that is compensating for a weaker one — if you start working out HARD and end up actually making the compensating muscle stronger due to the lack of mobility or whatever in the ‘bad’ muscle, I fell the dysfunction could actually be increased, lead to injury or simply render the exercise less effective. Now i am not 100% sure i have any type of dysfunction i should be concerned about but just to prevent anything i am going to start yoga and run with it for about 1-2 weeks before i actually hit the gym.

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