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workout iconAfter searching around the net for workouts, I think I found on that will suit me nicely. As I mentioned in my makeshift weight loss plan, I was going to try and find a workout routine that I can fit around my work/life schedule. This plan works out nicely because it is only 3 days a week. I already do Tae Kwon Do one day out of the week so I figure about 4 days a week of working out should do the trick. This entry contains the specs of the workout routine…
Below is the actual workout:

  • Day 1 – Friday
    • Seated Row – 6-10 Reps
    • Pullup – 6-10 Reps
    • Barbell Pullover – 6-10 Reps
    • Close-grip Bench Press – 6-10 Reps
    • One-arm Cable Pushdown – 6-10 Reps
    • Barbell Curl – 6-10 Reps
    • Dumbell Hammer Curl – 6-10 Reps
  • Day 2 – Sunday
    • Barbell Squat – 6-10 Reps
    • Dumbell Lunge – 6-10 Reps
    • Leg Extension – 6-10 Reps
    • Barbell Deadift – 6-10 Reps
    • Leg Curl – 6-10 Reps
    • Ab Crunch – 15-25 Reps
    • Oblique Crunch – 15-25 Reps
  • Day 3 – Tuesday
    • Dumbell Bench Press – 6-10 Reps
    • Incline Hammer Press – 6-10 Reps
    • Bar Dips – 6-10 Reps
    • Dumbell Shoulder Press – 6-10 Reps
    • Upright Barbell Row – 6-10 Reps
    • Standing Calve Raise – 8-12 Reps
    • Seated Tibilais Raise – 8-12 Reps

When Will it Start?!

Right now I am pretty out of shape and I am afraid that if I just jump into the routine above I am going to hurt myself or at least stress muscles that currently assist weaker muscles. I will put together an entry to explain this a little better, but right now I will give myself 1-2 weeks of daily yoga in hopes i can tone the muscles i use daily and resurrect the ones i normally do not. Read my entry regarding yoga here!

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  1. I would lift half the weight for each excersise before doing them to warm up and activate the muscle. Also you might want to do 2 or 3 sets of each of these exercises. Do 10 minutes of cardio before u workout also it will warm you up and assist in preventing injury.

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